In my practice, I work with many different people and their concerns  - from day to day tension relief to soul loss from trauma.

In particular, I enjoy working with Addiction Recovery. I worked at a substance abuse recovery agency for 10 years giving meditation lectures, teaching breathing and  alternative coping skills to men in recovery. I now co-facilitate Smoking Cessation Wellness and Spiritual Retreats in Sedona, AZ and Safety Harbor, FL and bring those skills into my private practice (a few of our Sedona retreat participants pictured above). 

Having been in and around Sedona since 2008, I have come to know and love the land, as well as appreciate the power in the healing vortexes surrounding it. I also participate in community circles and do ​Despacho Ceremonies  (in shamanic tradition, an ayni despacho is done with the intention to bring oneself and one’s community into right relationship with the natural world. It creates a sense of union, harmony and reciprocity with nature), 

for individual or group intention on a personal as well as global scale. 

​​​My name is Paula Lockwood and I would like to introduce you to a different way of looking at health and wellness – an integrative approach that includes a multi-layered way of working with the energetic, emotional, mental and physical body as a whole - rather than viewing each symptom as separate. This approach is designed to meet you where you are at this moment and establish goals of where you would like to be going forward…

 I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, specializing in BioDynamic CranioSacral and Polarity therapy, with a background in Peruvian Shamanism. I also work with several different types of energy-based complimentary practices, such as Reiki, Shamballah, Crystal and Sound healing, which serve to deepen the healing experience.  I've studied astrology since my early teens and feel comfortable using it for reference throughout my work. I studied South American shamanism and completed the Masters program at The Four Winds Healing Light Body School several years ago, where I was taught the practices of the Q’uero shamans of Peru. I have had the privilege of going to the high mountains of Peru to learn from them in sacred ceremony and witness how they have been healing and holding their communities for thousands of years from a place of honoring the earth and all its inhabitants. This way of the shaman informs and guides my practice and approach to healing.



My Approach

Paula A. Lockwood

Healing Hands BodySoulWork in Sedona

 I see clients on a one to one basis for their personal work as well as in group workshop settings. I use a variety of modalities, including CranioSacral and Polarity Therapy, therapeutic massage/bodywork and complimentary earth-based energy practices to design a unique approach for each person who chooses to work with me. I am called to inform, facilitate healing and serve people who are in search of a way to clear their past and improve the quality of their lives. This lets them step into a whole new way of being and allows them to live their lives from a place of joy, wellness, and connection to spirit, or simply feeling good again. This is done on all levels - energetic, emotional, mental and physical - to produce the most effective results.