​​Healing Hands BodySoulWork in Sedona

Despacho Prayer Bundle Ceremony

2 hrs - $225

Description:   ​Despacho Prayer Bundles. In shamanic tradition, an AYNI despacho is done with the intention to bring oneself and one’s community into right relationship with the natural world. It creates a sense of union, harmony and reciprocity with nature, for individual or group intention on a personal as well as global scale. We work with the power of intention to create a shift in our reality, using natural elements and the energy of the Sedona vortexes to manifest here in the kaypacha - with Right Action, Right Loving and Right Thoughts. We feed Pachamama, Mother Earth, to anchor our heartfelt desires and then send them through fire to Patchakuti, Father Sky, where they are heard and received.

Meditations for Balancing the Chakra Centers

These meditations were professionally recorded and contain downloads of energy to support the power centers of the body. They both include a breathing technique, a full body guided relaxation and a journey through the Chakra's. They are designed to create balance and calm throughout the body, mind and soul.

15 minute with moving water from Munds Creek in the background - $5

36 minute with Crystal and Tibetan bowls in the background - $10

Shamanic Energy Medicine Session

90 min - $195

Description:   Assist your bodies natural ability to restore health through a holistic, earth based system. Shamans have been healers in their communities through the use of ancient ways for thousands of years. Utilizing a variety of methods to identify and work with those issues that have contributed to physical and soul wounding, the body and soul respond by releasing that which no longer serves it.

Benefits – Each session is designed to address the personal needs of the individual, using a variety of processes. This raises their vibration and increase the healing energy in each person. Releasing past and present lifetimes of limiting belief systems, identifying root causes of suffering, locating and restoring soul parts and bringing all into right relationship allows healing on all levels that will be felt long after the session is over.

Reason to choose this technique – ​ To address issues which have not responded to Western allopathic methods and affect you on a more subtle level. This is most effective for those who are open to working with spiritual and esoteric concepts using ancient energetic medicine practices from native traditions. 

Energy Chakra Balancing Session

CranioSacral/Polarity Therapy/Reiki/Crystals/Sound Healing

30 min - $65

60 min - $95

​90 min - $135

Description: Open, align and balance the flow of energy through the various meridians and chakras (or energy centers) using both Eastern traditional and Western methods to allow the natural self-healing processes of the body to restore health. It facilitates the release of blocked energy and toxins by opening points of trapped energy and moving it through.

Benefits – This method allows release with little physical intervention. The practitioner works in the energetic field after the client is brought into a relaxed and calm state, allowing healing to occur on a subtle and powerful level.  The whole system responds to an invitation to open and flow along previously blocked energetic pathways.

Reason to choose this technique – ​ For those who have low back, head, neck and spinal issues that have not responded to traditional chiropractic and massage therapies. It is also helpful for re-balancing and grounding energies, using the 5 Element Chinese methods. This is most effective for those who are open to working with a more subtle, powerful approach.

Integrated Healing Session

CranioSacral ~ Polarity Therapy ~ Massage

1 hour - $85
90 min - $120

Description: Energy healing works on the energetic or etheric body to address those issues of trauma and disease that can manifest in the physical body as injury, chronic illness, or muscle pain. It also addresses emotional imbalances by allowing the trapped energy to be released and the emotions to flow harmoniously.

Benefits – Open and balance energy flows in the body to facilitate   release of tension, on both the emotional and physical level. The release of energy blocks inhibiting ease of movement and by utilizing massage therapies to increase range of motion and allow muscles to relax, creates full body~mind~spirit health

Reason to choose this technique – Provides a combination of energy work and physical massage which gently addresses issues of repeated patterns of injury, tension or tightness in the body. This is accomplished by looking at core issues and supporting healing so the patterns can be shifted at the deepest level.​